Bike EnforcementBicycle Traffic Education & Enforcement Program

Pay Your Ticket

Hours of Operation

  • Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm
  • Address: 750 Meridian Ave., Fort Collins, Co 80523
  • Phone: (970) 491-7695
  • Form of Payment: Cash, Personal Check, Visa, or Master Card. We can bill tickets only to student accounts by request.
  • Bike Fix-it Station: Available 24/7 at the south side of the CSU Police Department.

You have 14 Calendar days from the date the ticket was issued to pay the violation fine. The fine can be paid in person, by mail or have it billed to your student account. If paying by mail, send check or money order only. Do not send cash. We will not accept ticket payment in loose coins. Failure to pay the ticket will result in the fine doubling. Delinquent faculty and staff fines will be deducted from an employee's paycheck. Delinquent student fines will be sent to Accounts Receivable for collection.


Appeal Your Ticket

You have 14 Calendar days from the date the ticket was issued to appeal the violation. You can appeal the violation by filling out an appeals form at CSU PD in person. The Appeals Board is a group of impartial student and staff volunteers. If the violation is upheld, the original fine will be assessed and you will be charged an administrative fee of $15.00.


Bicycle Safety Seminar

If you have been charged with a bicycle safety violation you have the option of attending a bicycle safety seminar. Persons attending a seminar will have their fine reduced by half if they pass the test. If you sign up to attend a seminar, but fail to attend, the original fine will be doubled. You can attend only one seminar while at CSU, for violations cited on one notice.



We provide fingerprint services for applicant background checks. Please bring your fingerprint card and photo identification (preferably a driver's license). We do not supply fingerprint cards.
Cost: CSU Affiliated: $10.00 per card
Non-CSU Affiliated: $15.00 per card


Bicycle Registration

All bicycles ridden or parked on the Colorado State University campus must be registered with the CSU Police Department. Exceptions to the registration will be made for bicyclists who are visitors to campus. A registration decal, known as a CSU Bicycle License, must be placed on the bicycle and is valid for as long as the decal numbers are readable.
Cost: $10.00


The bicycle registration form can be completed online and printed out, or it is available at the TBEEP Office at the CSU PD. The serial number of the bicycle is required and must be recorded. The serial number is usually found in one of three places on your bicycle. Please refer to the image to the right to find the most common locations. The image also shows you where to affix your CSU Bicycle License. If the bicycle does not have a serial number, it is the responsibility of the registrant to select a unique number and have it inscribed on the frame. The CSU PD does offer a free inscribing service.


Transfer of Ownership

If ownership of a registered bicycle changes, the owner must notify CSU PD. Registrations are not transferable and the new owner must register the bicycle. The new owner must ensure that the old Bicycle License has been removed when possession of the bicycle has changed. Only one CSU Bicycle License can be affixed to any bicycle at one time. If a bicycle is stolen, lost, or destroyed, the owner should notify the CSU PD as soon as possible so that a notation can be made on the registration form and a police report can filed, if necessary.


License Attachment

The license decal is supplied with an adhesive backing and is to be affixed to the main frame on the down tube of the bicycle (see the above picture). Make sure the area is wiped clean before placing the license on the frame. The license is to be affixed so that it is clearly visible.


Bicycle Impound

Bicycles can be impounded for various parking violations and if they are deemed abandoned. If you think your bike may have been impounded or you have received a notice, please contact the TBEEP office. If you have any information (make, model, serial number, and/or color) on the bicycle, proof of ownership and a photo ID please bring that with you. For further information please see the Bicycle Regulations.
Impound fee: $15.00


Bike Lock Cut

If you need your bicycle lock cut, please call and schedule an appointment. You must have proof of ownership.
Cost: $5.00

Bike locks that are left on bike racks without a bicycle attached to them will be cut off by CSUPD personnel.


Lost & Found

If you have lost an item on campus please call or stop by. If we do not have the item you may want to call the Lory Student Center's lost and found (970) 491-6444.


Rules & Regulations

Bike Rules and Regulations Booklet
CSU Traffic Regulations
Colorado Driver's & Motorcycle Handbook


For more information on bicycling in Fort Collins, visit: or