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What is an Active Assailant / Active Shooter

An active shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area, and recent active shooter incidents have underscored the need for a coordinated response by law enforcement and others to save lives. CSUPD is committed to protecting our students, faculty, and staff.

Run. Hide. Fight. Video

If you cannot set aside the time to attend an Active Shooter Presentation, please watch the RUN. HIDE. FIGHT video. (viewer discretion is advised)

Active Assailant / Active Shooter Situation Advice from CSUPD's Chief of Police

Dear CSU Community:

In the wake of tragic incidents which have occurred in our nation over the last few years, I have the unfortunate but important task of ensuring that you know how to respond in the unlikely event that you ever encounter a situation with the potential for shooting violence at Colorado State University. It is certainly my hope that you are never in a situation where there would be a need to apply this information, but it may be useful knowledge to have, whether here on our own campus or other situations.

An active shooter situation is unpredictable and your immediate response depends on a variety of circumstances. The following guidelines have been developed based on the best practices established by members of the Colorado State University Police Department and other law enforcement officials.

If it is possible to do so safely, immediately exit the building when you become aware of an incident, moving away from the immediate path of danger, and take the following steps:

  1. Stay calm and notify anyone you may encounter to exit the building immediately.
  2. Evacuate to a safe area away from the danger, and take protective cover. Stay there until assistance arrives.
  3. Call 911, which will connect you with highly trained CSU Police Department dispatchers, and provide the following information:
    • Your name
    • Location of the incident (be as specific as possible)
    • Number of shooters (if known)
    • Identification or description of shooter(s)
    • Number of persons who may be involved
    • Your exact location
    • Injuries to anyone, if known
  4. Individuals not immediately impacted by the situation should take protective cover, staying away from windows and doors until notified otherwise.

If you are directly involved in an incident and exiting the building is not possible, the following actions are recommended:

  1. Go to the nearest room or office.
  2. Close and lock the door. If you cannot lock the door, place large objects in front of the door to act as a barrier (ie. office furniture, large printers, boxes, etc).
  3. Turn off the lights.
  4. Seek protective cover. This may be under a desk or table or anywhere else that offers some concealment.
  5. Keep quiet and act as if no one is in the room.
  6. Silence all cell phones.
  7. Do not answer the door.
  8. Notify 911, if it is safe to do so, providing the dispatcher with the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your location (be as specific as possible)
    • Number of shooters (if known)
    • Identification or description of shooter
    • Number of persons who may be involved
    • Injuries if known
  9. Wait for law enforcement officers to assist you out of the building. It is imperative for your safety that you follow the directions given to you by law enforcement officers.


The CSU Police Department (CSUPD) is a full service professional law enforcement agency that is trained and equipped to respond to an emergency incident of this nature.

During the initial phase of the incident, the CSUPD and, if necessary, other law enforcement agencies, will evaluate the situation to determine the best course of action for the safety of the CSU community. Once the CSUPD and other units respond, they will be responsible for all tactical operations.


In an effort to augment your preparedness further, CSUPD offers a video/discussion session that helps develop a mindset for action, should this type of event occur within our community. This program allows participants an opportunity to learn, strategize, and implement personal safety in a rapidly unfolding and dangerous situation. This session can be coordinated by submitting the attached form.


While I know it is highly unlikely that you will ever find yourself in an active shooter situation, I want you to be prepared. I hope you find this information helpful and I wish you a safe and productive year.



Scott Harris

Chief of Police

Colorado State Police Department

750 S. Meridian Avenue

Fort Collins, CO 80523

1-970-491-1159 Office

1-970-491-2294 Fax