Located at the front desk of Green Hall, the Transportation Education and Enforcement Program - or TEEP - office is responsible for processing payments for moving violation and substance abuse citations issued by CSU police officers. Additionally, the TEEP office maintains the lost and found, provides bicycle registrations, bicycle lock-cuts, bicycle impound services, and weapon locker rentals.

Lobby Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9a.m. to 4p.m.

Phone: (970) 491-7695

Bicycle Registration

All bicycles ridden or parked on any Colorado State University campus must be registered with the CSU Police Department. For more information visit the bicycle registration page.

Free U-Lock with Bicycle Registration

Through a special program funded by the Alternative Transportation Fee Advisory Board and the Associated Students of CSU, we are able to hand out a free U-Lock to students who register a bicycle through CSUPD. Students are allowed to register more than one bicycle, but each student can only receive one (1) free U-Lock. This program is aimed to help protect students’ property and prevent bicycle thefts on CSU campuses.

Bicycle registration can help increase the chance of your bicycle being recovered if stolen because it provides contact information to the police department that can be used to contact the owner if found. You can claim a free U-Lock with both in person or online registration upon arrival to pick up the registration sticker for your bicycle. 

Bicycle Lock-Cut

Our office offers a lock-cutting service during normal business hours for qualified registered bicycles. The cost of this service is $10. To schedule a lock-cut call (970) 491-7695.

Bicycle Impound

If your bike is deemed abandoned, found parked in a forbidden area, found locked to anything other than a bike rack, or impedes disability access your bike may have been impounded. See the rules and regulations booklet. Call our office at (970) 491-7695 if you believe your bike was impounded.

Complete the bike impound request form if you would like to request an impound.

All impounded bikes are held for 25 days before being relinquished to Surplus Property.

Additional Resources


Prepare for your ride: Take the CSU Moves training to learn about your local transportation options and key strategies for navigating campus safely and efficiently!

Enforcement and Citation Payment

Wheeled conveyance commuters are expected to follow proper laws, rules, and regulations while on any CSU campus. Failure to do so may result in a citation. See linked resources:

Wheeled conveyance includes, but is not limited to bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller blades, and all electrical variances.

If you were issued a citation, you have 14 calendar days from the date the citation was issued to pay the fine. Failure to pay will result in doubling of the fine. Delinquent faculty and staff fines will be deducted from paycheck. Delinquent student fines will be billed to student account. All others will be sent to CSU Accounts Receivable for collection.

The fine can be paid in person, over the phone, or by mail. If paying by mail, send check or money order only. Do not send cash.

We will not accept payment in loose coins.

Bicycle Safety Seminar

If you have been charged with a bicycle safety violation, you have the option of attending a bicycle safety seminar through Canvas. Successful completion of the seminar with a passing grade will result in a reduction of 50 percent to your fine. Time commitment is approximately 30 minutes. This offer is available only once per customer.

If you sign up for the seminar, but fail to attend, the original fine will be doubled. You may sign up by phone or in-person at the front desk of the CSU Police Department in Green Hall.

Platinum Recognition Badge for CSU

The League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly University Program

The League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly University program recognizes institutions of higher education for promoting and providing a more bikeable campus for students, staff and visitors. Colorado State University has worked its way from being designated silver all the way to the top at Platinum.

The 5 E's

  1. Engineering: Creating safe and convenient places to ride and park
  2. Education: Giving people of all ages and abilities the skills and confidence to ride
  3. Encouragement: Creating a strong bike culture that welcomes and celebrates bicycling
  4. Enforcement: Ensuring safe roads for all users
  5. Evaluation & Planning: Planning for bicycling as a safe and viable transportation option

To learn more about bike parking, safe cycling, secured parking, and bike safety visit Transportation Services.