The CSU Community Support Team pairs behavior health professionals with specially trained CSU Police Department officers to respond to specific kinds of calls that indicate behavioral or mental health crisis support is needed. The team is a one-year pilot program beginning fall 2021.

This partnership addresses situations that might otherwise have been handled through the criminal justice system or in an emergency room, and supports law enforcement by offering specialized services that help to prevent dangerous situations for the community and connect individuals who need support with university or community services.

The program is a partnership among CSU Police Department, CSU’s Health Network (which provides mental health support for students) and UCHealth’s CORE Team – the Community Outreach, Response and Engagement team – which began partnering with Fort Collins Police Services in 2018.

Colorado State University is proud to be among the first universities to implement a police and mental health response program. The program will be piloted from summer 2021 through summer 2022. The response team will be comprised of selected CSUPD officers and behavior health experts from UCHealth.

About the Community Support Program

  • Connects students, employees and guests with care and support during a crisis, and plan of care following the crisis
  • Diverts and redirects individuals from emergency rooms or the traditional criminal justice system, when appropriate
  • Increases safety of all individuals on scene and the safety of those helping to address mental health concerns across the university
  • Helps connect students, faculty, staff and visitors to follow up care available through CSU and the community
  • Creates police and mental health collaboration with a focus on community need and partnerships

Need help now?

If you or someone else needs immediate help now, please call or text 9-1-1. Tell the emergency dispatcher that there is a mental wellness concern. CSUPD dispatch can also be reached by calling its 24/7 non-emergency number at 970-491-6425.

The Community Support Team will begin responding to calls during the winter months of the 2021-2022 academic year, once a behavioral support professional is hired.

All CSUPD officers receive specialized training to help them assist someone in a mental health crisis.

Additional behavioral and mental health resources for students, faculty and staff

Colorado State University offers behavioral and mental health resources specifically for students and for faculty and staff. A list of many of those resources is available on the Mental Health and Counseling Services page.

The Red Folder, a resource for employees, also contains helpful information about resources and tips for helping someone who is struggling.