Community Survey

  • Demographics

  • Please indicate which crimes you are most concerned about at CSU

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    Crimes against Persons (robbery / sex offenders)
    Hate Crimes
    Motor Vehicle Theft
    Theft from Motor Vehicle
    Disturbance (either physical or noise related)
    Traffic Violation
    Drug Use
    Other (specify below)
  • Please rate the Following

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    Overall Safety
    Personal safety while on campus
    Safety of Personal Property
    Safety in Residence Halls (if applicable)
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    Police contacts in general
    Attitude and Behavior of Officer(s)
    Knowledge and competency of Officer(s)
    Appearance and professionalism
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    Vehicle Patrol
    Foot Patrol
    T-3 Patrol (electric powered 3 wheelers)
    Bike Patrol
    Motorcycle Patrol
    Crime Prevention Programs
    Community Policing
    Traffic Violation Enforcement
    Bicycle Enforcement
    SafeWalk Program
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