Evidence/Property Release

Crime Lab, Evidence & Property

  • Phone: (970) 491-7693

Evidence Release is by appointment only. Please call the lab with the case number and information regarding the items you are looking for. If there is no answer leave a message with all of the information you have available. The lab should return your call within 3 days in order to set up an appointment. After the appointment is made, the lab manager will review the police case, court case, and evidence to see what is eligible for release. You must provide a valid photo ID for the lab to release evidence to you.

When stolen property has been recovered, the lab will attempt to contact the owner and set up an appointment to release it as soon as possible. In some situations you may have to provide proof of ownership. You must provide a valid photo ID for the lab to release your property to you.

 Background Checks

We conduct criminal and employment background checks on all Colorado State University Police Department hires in addition to the basic background check done by Human Resources when hiring.

The general public needing a background check are referred to private companies who will conduct checks for a fee and can be accessed through the internet for the fastest turn around.