Ride-Along Program

CSU Police Department offers citizens the opportunity to ride with patrol officers and observe first-hand the typical duties police officers encounter on their shift. During the ride-along, the officer and citizen are able to speak candidly about the nature of police work.

To participate in the Ride-Along program, citizens are required to complete the application and must successfully complete a background check. Citizens may ask to ride with a specific officer, with an officer on a special assignment, and/or may request a specific day of the week and shift that works in their schedule. Every effort will be made to accommodate special requests. Once you application has been received and accepted, you will receive a phone call from the Officer that you will be riding with to confirm the date and time.


Internships (None Available as of 09/2015)

CSU PD offers unpaid internship opportunities for students in accordance with internship course requirements (please check with your department/advisor for details), the interests of the intern, and the needs of the police department. An attempt will be made to rotate the intern through most of the police department divisions in order to get a comprehensive understanding of law enforcement.

Additionally an intern will usually be assigned one or more projects to complete during their time with the department. Availability of internships varies by semester. To be eligible, interns must be currently enrolled students, have a GPA of 2.5 or higher and be in good standing, posses a valid driver’s license, and have no criminal convictions or pending criminal cases.