CSUPD is a team of dedicated law enforcement professionals and civilians who are part of a vibrant and stellar university community. As expected, we respond quickly to emergencies requiring police presence, and continually serve to protect our community. Both the nature of being a university police department and the stakeholders we serve, mean our focus is on proactive, community-focused police services.

We are part of the university’s mission of ensuring student success by providing education, engagement, and outreach. We constantly work to promote a safe and secure CSU community.

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Jobs @ Colorado State

State classified and administrative professional positions
Police Officer,  Dispatcher, Records, Support Staff


Student employment positions
Front Desk Staff, Campus Service Officers

Open Positions


Close Date: 11-8-2020

This position is assigned to the Field Services Division, which includes all Patrol functions. However, all CSUPD Captains may rotate to other units and, therefore, must be knowledgeable in a variety of leadership/managerial functions and duties. This is a sworn law enforcement position that requires patrol-level certification in Arrest Control / Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Emergency Vehicle Operations, and all Colorado POST Rule 28 training requirements.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in applicable field such as Business, Sociology, or Criminal Justice
  • Experience: 5 years law enforcement experience at the supervisory level of Sergeant or higher
  • Current Colorado POST certification, or the ability to attain Colorado POST certification within one (1) year from date of hire.
  • Demonstrates a working knowledge of The National Incident Management System (NIMS) and related concepts through a combination of relevant training and experience.
  • Demonstrated commitment to further diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice as well as experience with diverse population

Dispatcher Trainee

Close Date:  11-16-2020

This position is an entry-level position to be trained in collecting information from the general public and other agencies through verbal, written, or computer contact; analyze and evaluate the urgency of the request and prioritize the request; disseminate to proper personnel or deploy appropriate law enforcement, fire and ambulance services. This position accesses and researches numerous computer databases to gather information and apprise police officers and other agencies of information to assist in investigations. This position transmits and monitors radio transmissions so as to log officer’s daily activities, report incidents, and dispatch emergency and non-emergency services to necessary locations. This position gives pre-arrival medical assistance to the CSU community.

Minimum Qualifications:

Must have a high school diploma or GED.

Preferred Qualifications:

The ideal candidate will possess the following knowledge, skills, abilities and other personal characteristics outlined as critical to this position:

  • Dispatch experience in a police/emergency environment requiring regular use of knowledge in: police procedures, emergency medical protocol, and/or emergency vs. non-emergency situations.
  • Demonstrated work experience and the ability to multi-task in order to perform simultaneous function (i.e. perform data entry while corresponding via radio with Law Enforcement personnel, gather and disseminate information to emergency responders while maintaining awareness of alarm systems both security and panic etc.)
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize incoming calls for service by using analytical skills, judgment, and problem solving skills.
  • Ability to make quick decisions while remaining calm and maintaining composure in high stress/pressure situations.
  • Energetic performer with a demonstrated upbeat, positive attitude.
  • An adaptable, flexible approach that allows for a wide variety of both independent and team oriented assignments.

Kayleigh Helberg, Human Resource Liaison