Command Staff

Wendy Rich-Goldschmidt
Interim Executive Director of Campus Safety & Security
Captain Frank Johnson

Investigative Services

Captain Jason Meisner

Support and Events Services

  • Support and Events Unit
  • Emergency Management
  • Communication Center (911 Dispatch)
  • Transportation Education & Enforcement
  • Campus Service Officers
Captain Jay Callaghan

Field Services

  • Patrol
  • Bike Team
Christie Luedtke – Business Officer
Human Resources Liaison

Any media inquiries please contact Dell Rae Ciaravola at (970) 491-6009, or

Staff List

NameTitleDivisionEmail Address
Anderson, JessEvidence TechnicianInvestigative
Barnes, ZachSergeantField
Boling, JoeDispatcherSupport and Event
Byrne, SarahDispatcherSupport and Event
Cardenas, ChristianOfficerField
Childress, JoyTEEP ManagerSupport and Event
Collins, JoeIT ManagerBusiness
Crochet, RamseySergeantInvestigative
Dobbins, JasonDetectiveInvestigative
Fitzpatrick, SeanDetective / CorporalInvestigative
Frisch, ErinOffice ManagerBusiness
Goetz, JeffOfficerField
Gonzales, KariCommunications Center ManagerSupport and Event
Hickey, TomAssistant Emergency CoordinatorEmergency
Hoisington, LanceOfficerField
James, BrianEvidence Manager / Crime Scene InvestigatorInvestigative
Johnson, FrankCaptainInvestigative
Kuehl, AmyRecords ManagerInvestigative
Luedtke, ChristieBusiness OfficerBusiness
Maffett, VinceOfficerField
McClure, JoshData Manager and AnalystInvestigative
Meisner, JasonCaptainSupport and Event
Nichols, WilSergeantField
Peterson, BenSergeantField
Rose, AnthonieOfficerField
Rose, AshleighCorporalField
Sheeran, JoshOfficerField
Smith, DerekOfficerField
Snyder, MattOfficerField
Sundstedt, JennyOffice AssistantBusiness
Thielman, KacieOfficerField
Vinzant, DustinCorporalSupport and Event
Wagner, BretEvidence TechnicianInvestigative
Walsh, ShaeDispatcherSupport and Event
Walters, SarahDispatcherSupport and Event
Quintana, KenEmergency ManagerEmergency
Zellner, AlishaCorporalField