All bicycles ridden or parked on any Colorado State University campus must be registered with the CSU Police Department. This helps to prevent theft and increases the chance of your bicycle being recovered if it is stolen. It also provides contact information for any issues that may arise involving the bicycle, such as relocation due to construction. Registration also serves as proof of ownership for lock-cut services.

Exceptions to registration will only be made for bicyclists who are visitors to one of our campuses. A registration decal, known as a CSU Bicycle License, must be placed on the bicycle and is valid for as long as the decal numbers are readable.

The bicycle registration form can be completed online and printed out, or you may register at CSUPD or The Spoke. The serial number of your bicycle is required and must be recorded. The serial number is usually found in one of five places on your bicycle (see image below). The most common location is on the underside of the bike or number 1 in the image. If the bicycle does not have a serial number, it is the responsibility of the registrant to select a unique number and have it inscribed on the frame. The CSUPD does offer a free inscribing service.

Bike Serial Number Locations

1 – Bottom bracket (underside crank)
2 – Top of Bottom bracket (upper crank)
3 – Chain Stays (left or right side)
4 – Seat Tube (bottom, near crank)
5 – Headset (front of and below handlebars)

License Attachment

The license decal is supplied with an adhesive backing and is to be affixed to the main frame on the down tube of the bicycle. Make sure the area is wiped clean before placing the license on the frame. The license is to be affixed so that it is clearly visible.


If ownership of a registered bicycle changes, the owner must notify CSUPD. Registrations are not transferable. The new owner must ensure that the old Bicycle License has been removed when possession of the bicycle has changed. Only one CSU Bicycle License can be affixed to any bicycle at one time. If a bicycle is stolen, lost, or destroyed, the owner should notify CSUPD as soon as possible so that a notation can be made on the registration form and a police report filed.

Registration Information

Cost – $10

Bicycle Registration Form

Required Information:

  • Make
  • Color(s)
  • Serial Number
  • Owner Name
  • Owner Permanent Address
  • Owner Phone

Additional Useful Information:

  • Model
  • Type

Registration Locations

Registration must be done in person so that a registration sticker and a rules and regulations booklet can be issued. You may register at:

CSU Police Department
750 South Meridian Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80523

The Spoke
920 West Plum Street
Fort Collins, CO 80521