Strategic Issue #1: Develop and Retain a Highly Trained Employee Base that Consistently Delivers Exceptional Police Services.

Goal: Provide on-going training for all employees that proactively prepares them to positively serve the CSU community.

Strategic Issue #2: Collaborate with Campus Stakeholders to Positively Impact Campus Safety.

Goal: Reduce community members’ incidents of injury, arrest, self-harm and victimization.

Strategic Issue #3: Prepare CSU to Respond to Threats that have the Potential to Impact Safety on a Universal Scale.

Goal: Reduce, minimize or eliminate the comprehensive impact of a major event, emergency or disaster at CSU.

Strategic Issue #4: Design, Refine and Implement Qualitative and Quantitative Measures for Employees Work Productivity/Performance Standards.

Goal: Track all quantitative and qualitative variables, document each according to specific time frames (calendar/school/fiscal year).

Strategic Issue #5: Design a Comprehensive Plan which Merges Major Technology Platforms into a Unified System.

Goal: CSU PD will respond to all calls for service, safety threats and investigatory needs in an expeditious and timely manner.