The Colorado State University Police Department (CSUPD) is charged with planning and operational management of many special events on campus. CSUPD works with the University Athletics Department and chairs the University Special Events Advisory Group who is responsible for coordinating event management with and many other departments to comprehensive event management and event security for a diverse selection of events that occur at Colorado State University.

As a part of Colorado State University, we pride ourselves in providing education and outreach to our community. This engagement helps us to create stronger bonds and empower people to be confident in their personal safety. Through these proactive measures, we strive to minimize the need for a reactive response. Community safety is up to everyone who is in the community.

Our officers liaise with multiple parts of our community to include:

  • Residence Life
  • Apartment life
  • Off-Campus Life
  • Student Diversity Programs and Services


The Support and Events Services (SES) is responsible for all major events that exceed the capabilities and resources of the patrol division. SES develops a unique written plan for handling each special event. The plan contains the number of staff needed, the responsibilities of those involved, crowd, tactical, traffic control and logistics, and mitigating any anticipated criminal activities that may be associated with particular events. The written plan also establishes coordination with other law enforcement and support emergency services agencies should their assistance be required.


Support & Events Services

Jason Meisner, Captain

Ramsey Crochet, Sergeant


Emergency Managment

Ken Quintana, Emergency Manager

Tom Hickey, Assistant Emergency Coordinator

Phone: (970) 491-6425

One of the largest special events the department commands are the Colorado State University home Football games. A large amount of planning and resources are utilized during these events. While there is a tremendous amount of time spent coordinating these games, each aspect has been carefully rehearsed in the event a problem should arise.

Game day birds eye view