Colorado State University Police Department is a 24-hour, 365 days a week, full-service department with police officers who are fully certified through the Colorado Police Officer Standards and Training board. While our jurisdiction is primarily focused on university campuses, CSUPD officers have full police authority within Fort Collins and Larimer County, too.

Information on these pages reflects our jurisdiction and interaction with all CSU, city and county community members and guests. Our statistical numbers reflect interactions with CSU students, faculty, staff and guests, as well as a broad number of individuals who are not affiliated with CSU in any way.

A Message from Interim Executive Director of University Safety

Dear University Community,

When I stepped into the role as interim executive director of Colorado State University Police Department in September, I made finding ways to engage with our public a priority, and, more specifically, to learn from national, state and local conversations how we can redefine policing at CSUPD.

It is imperative in today’s conversations that peace officers – and their leaders — seek to listen, understand, reflect and learn. My leadership team and I have spent many hours working to strengthen our existing relationships with units and individuals across the university, and in forging new relationships, with a focus on asking how we can redefine how CSUPD works across our campuses. We’ve also been learning about ourselves, digging into our data and analyzing our interactions with the university and broader Northern Colorado community to create this resource on transparency.

CSUPD is defined by our vibrant university community and the values we share with our students, faculty and staff. Policing at a university provides us with a rare and valuable opportunity to meet people from across the globe – from all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and belief systems. This provides us with an opportunity to learn from many perspectives. Many of these individuals are young students who are making decisions for the first time on their own about how they will shape their lives.

Our intentional default at CSUPD, and our unique opportunity as peace officers at a university, lies in how we interact when responding to calls or patrolling campuses. We strive to, and will continue to foster a culture, where we seeking first to connect with individuals and use education as a primary method of behavior change, as an alternative to enforcement and punitive action whenever possible.

While there is still much work to be done to answer concerns regarding the U.S. policing model, I hope you’ll find the information here to be useful.

Thank you for spending time learning about CSUPD.


Wendy Rich-Goldschmidt
Interim Executive Director of University Safety