June 1, 2020

Over the last week, we have watched our nation grieve the senseless, tragic death of George Floyd while in police custody. Mr. Floyd’s death has deeply impacted our own CSU community, as well as communities across the country and even around the world.

At CSUPD, we are deeply committed to a humanitarian community policing model, centered on partnering with our students, staff, faculty and guests and treating all with respect and dignity. This partnership and engagement is focused on creating a positive environment on all our campuses where all feel welcome and valued. All members of the CSUPD share the anger, shock and anguish at this loss of life. As police officers, we recognize that the actions of the officers leading up to the death of Mr. Floyd, by all accounts, are shameful and wrong, and are contrary to the values and mission that all police officers must constantly strive to uphold as we protect and serve our communities. We must work every day to maintain the trust from our community. It is not a charge we take lightly.

We hurt for Mr. Floyd’s family and for all of our communities of people of color – at CSU and across the nation. We extend to them our deepest condolences.