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(970) 491-1155

Non-Emergency Phone:

(970) 491-6425

Bike & Traffic:

(970) 491-7695


(970) 491-1160


750 Meridian Avenue Fort Collins, CO 80523


(970) 491-2294

Realistic Safety Strategies Series

Fridays, Octber 3, 10, 17, and 24 from 3:00 pm-5:00 pm

Realistic Safety Strategies (RSS) is an alternative to traditional self-defense, focusing on the realities of voilence against women,  While much of the curriculum is designed with women in mind, men are strongly encouraged to attend as well.  Participants are not required to attend all four levels, but it is highly encouraged.

Pre-registation is required:

Employees: following the instructions at

Students, Temporary Employees, or Children: Contact Ellen Audley at (970)491-1376 or Ellen.Audley@ColoState.EDU

For more information please click here.

CSU Weapon Storage News

CSUPD has lockers available to store all weapons. There is a $20.00 fee for the use of the locker for the academic year to store guns and ammunition.  There are a limited number of lockers for the guns. All other weapons are stored free of charge. Click the following link to look at the CSUPD Gun Storage Agreement.

Bike Enforcement

Please remember that dismount zones and all bike rules and regulations apply during the summer.  Bike enforcement will continue throughout the entire year, and you can be cited for bike violation.  Please bike safely.

Bicycle Violation Fees Increasing (Effective July 1st)

 Regulation Handbook Amendments Since the foundation of the Bicycle Education and Enforcement Program (BEEP) 22 years ago, there have been two increases in fines for violations and/or bike registration. Due to the increase in bicycle traffic on Colorado State University campus and multiple alternate transportation initiatives currently taking place, the Colorado State University Police Department has to provide additional enforcement and more efforts from support personnel to process citations and purchase more bicycle racks. Please refer to this list of price increases in place of prices printed within this handbook. Effective July 1st, 2014, the follow prices will be imposed:

Bicycle Registration*  $   10.00  Impound Fee  $   25.00
Without Required License  $   25.00  Lock Cut Fee  $   10.00
Parked In University Building  $   25.00
Attached Bicycle to Handicap Ramp  $   50.00
Riding in Dismount Zone  $   35.00
Failed to Obey Traffic Control Device  $   35.00
Rode the Wrong Way on a One-way  $   35.00
Rode Without Lighting Equipment  $   35.00
Riding Double  $   35.00
Failed to Yield Right Of Way  $   35.00
Riding On Sidewalk  $   35.00
Clinging to Moving Vehicle  $   35.00
Provided False Info or ID*  $   75.00
Disobeyed a Police Officer*  $   75.00
Other  $   35.00

* Citations marked with an asterisk have not increased in price at this time.

Message from the Chief of Police

On behalf of the Colorado State University Police Department, I would like to welcome you to our beautiful campus and community. I am also pleased to introduce you to the CSU PD team, please take some time in reviewing our website for valuable information. We are a group of law enforcement professionals who recognize the importance of partnering with our community. Whether you are in a residence hall, walking, biking or attending campus events you are likely to come across a CSU PD staff member. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our community and the opportunity to proactively address crime and safety issues. Our partnership with you is an essential element in making our campus a safe place. By working in tandem with you, we maximize our ability to maintain a safe and secure environment. To that end, we ask that you assist us by being aware of your surroundings and always reporting anything that you believe is “suspicious”. If you are ever in doubt, always err on the side of caution and call us! The sooner we have the information, the better our ability to be more effective in determining if there is risk to our community. To provide you with more specific information about safety on campus, again I encourage you to spend a few minutes reviewing our homepage. As you navigate through our site you will find a plethora of information and resources, each with the goal of highlighting health and safety information to assist in making your “campus experience” safer. In the event you need more information, please contact the police department directly at the numbers listed above and we will be happy to assist you further. Best regards, clip_image002 Scott Harris Colorado State University